Spanish Academy
BIPO & TONI´S, cultural center

BIPO & TONI´S is an organisation of long standing, dedicated to the encounter between different continents, different languages and different cultures. Our concerns are cultural exchange, appreciation of the Spanish language and development work in Ecuador. Therefore the school was founded in 1983.
The Academy has a building with garden and barbecue in the best location in modern Quito, Ecuador. Apart from the classrooms, the school has a video room, a small library, a bar area for breaks, an in-house travel agency and last but not least our Cabaña Suiza, a restaurant-bar with cultural events.
will have the benefit of private lessons and can choose between 20 and 30 lessons per week. This allows the teacher to adapt the programme of lessons exactly to your individual needs and to cater to your special wishes. Your commitment and the extensive experience of our teachers allow you to achieve an above-average command of the Spanish language. Our courses are suitable for beginners and for advanced students. Group activities such as parties, excursions, sports and other activities ensure enjoyable social contact.
On demand, the school will issue an intern certificate for courses of shorter duration.
See also our D.E.L.E. EXAM preparation and training courses.
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Ubicaci├│n: Pichincha , Quito
Fecha: 25-Jul
Tel: 2500...(ver tel├ęfono)

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